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It was right at the end of World War two and many returning soldiers needed jobs.
These were the first from a long list of employees of Mr. Mathis’ company, including local firemen during the 1950s and college students to this day.

Mr. Mathis built the foundation of his company around providing a quality service. The trucks showed up on time with all necessary equipment and experienced movers handled customers’ belongings with care. The work ethic of the day was an honest day’s work for an honest pay, and we still hold to these beliefs.

Today, over 60 years later, Mathis Moving is still continuing to grow. Although the company has increased in size, Mr. Mathis’ business principles have not been lost or forgotten.

Mathis Moving continues to go above and beyond for every move performed, creating many life long customers. That’s why customers from decades past continue to call us whenever they move.

Currently, Mathis Moving generates the majority of its business through repeat customers and referrals. This is a direct reflection of the quality service provided to customers.

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By continuing to make the customer the #1 priority,
Mathis Moving is keeping Roy’s dream alive.


Awesome Facts

We have been moving families and businesses since 1945



What we do

Residential Moving

At Mathis Moving we employ only professionals movers. We do not hire day laborers nor do we send inexperienced personnel to your home. Every one of our employees has been trained to know how to make your move go as smooth and hassle free as possible. Our drivers have years of experience that benefit both the company and our clients. When you have been in the same situation hundreds to thousands of times you know how to avoid mistakes and offer valuable advice when needed.

Commercial Moving

Since 1945 Mathis Moving has relocated thousands of Businesses. Our number one priority is to make your job easier. We specialize in offices from one to twenty employees. Office/Facility Moves Small Businesses choose Mathis as their primary mover.

Retirement Moving

Mathis Moving will make your transition smooth and quick. Once done with your move, you will be thankful you picked Mathis Moving. Please call us anytime to discuss your next move 800-670-8987.

Our skills


  • Local Moves
  • Long Distance Moves
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Retirement Moving
  • Debris and Donation moving

Our skills

Residential Moving

Retriement and Senior Citizen Services

Commercial Services

Local Moving

Customer Testimonials

“I moved from Whittier to Riverside and the guys from Mathis Movers did a GREAT job. I was really stressed out because the garage that most of the stuff was in was a complete disaster and I hadn’t been able to go through it myself due to health limitations, but they were friendly, respectful, and quick!

The guys worked really hard and gave us a great price. We really couldn’t be happier. There were a few really heavy things we had taken upstairs and they defied all odds getting them up there. I will definitely contact them again in the future if we need something moved.”  – Jamie P.

“I loved what they did for me! I’m a single mother of 2 & they rocked it on my move. Way above and beyond what I expected. ( I stressed for weeks about this move & I realize now that was stupid.) They were on time, professional and even called in a 4th man for a heavy part of the job to do it right.

Kelly, Chadum (?), and Lauren… Get a huge crazy mad high five from me. 3 story town house to a one story… Jammed pack with my treasures. They disconnected and reconnected all appliances. Same with beds, desk, dining table etc… On and on.

I will call them again! I am so happy tonight… Sitting on this box writing. Don’t hesitate and make sure to talk to Sandy!”  – Lyn H.

“We used Mathis moving last October when moving into our new home and although it was over a year ago, we have not forgotten what a relief it was to let Roy handle what was usually the exhausting, dirty, frustrating part of the move. That was our first time using a moving company. In the past we had always rented a Uhaul and done everything ourselves. It always took us a couple days, several trips, gas charges, insurance charges and being in debt to our helpful friends and many things were unintentionally scratched or broken (mostly by us). This time we were on a tight timeline and were finally able to concede that we needed professional help.

Roy and his crew were booked on short notice and showed up on time ready to work. Although I thought I had packed almost everything up, as they moved furniture, things started multiplying. Roy was unphased and jumped right in and handled every last lego and stray sock as well as moving our antique china cabinet and flat screen TVs without a single scratch. When we got to the house, we dropped the bomb that we needed all the stuff loaded in our garage since our remodel on our new house wasn’t done. No problem, Roy put his spatial relationship skills to work and stacked and arranged everything in our garage safely and strategically with room to walk through.

When it was all said and done and we settled up I realized that it barely cost more than the various diy rentals, gas ups, rental insurance, pizza for our volunteer crew, etc.  Not only that but we were not too exhausted and dusty to unpack as we always were when we tried to do it all ourselves. We were relieved, clean, had energy left and not one thing was damaged. For us, it was the only way to go! Thanks, Roy!” -Stevelly H.