5 Practical Tips for Packing and Moving Fast

If you are moving from one apartment to another, you are probably dreading the thought of sorting and packing your stuff, especially if you have a lot. Here are five tips to make packing and moving easier on yourself.


Buy packing items before you start.

Packing is easier if you have the materials hand. Gather packing materials such as tape, scissors, bubble wrap and packing boxes and keep them within easy reach. Buy enough so you won’t need to go out and replenish your materials on packing day.
Prepare ahead of time.

If you know what day or week you will be moving, you can start packing a week or two ahead. Start with items you don’t use daily, such as beachwear, books, and memorabilia. This way, you lessen the amount of items you need to pack during moving week.
Sell or give stuff away.

You can lighten your load if you take the essentials with you and give, donate or sell the rest before you move. Hold a garage sale a few weeks before the move to get rid of stuff you do not need, or give them to neighbors, family members or friends. Extra items such as a second blender or an extra couch are better off sold or given to someone who can use them. If you do a garage sale, you can use the proceeds to cover moving and transport costs.
Put heavy items in small boxes.

Avoid filling large boxes with heavy items because some boxes may not be strong enough to hold the weight. Large, heavy boxes are more difficult to carry than small ones and you risk having your moving boxes break under the heavy weight.
Label boxes.

Set aside a box for every room in the house. This way, packing is more organized and unpacking in the new place is easy on you as well. Most movers prefer marked boxes since they can deliver these boxes directly to the rooms where they belong, saving you time and energy in moving them yourself. You will also find it easier to account for your belongings if they are placed in identifiable containers.
Fill everything that can be filled.

This simply means that you need to fill items that have storage purposes to avoid moving empty, perfectly usable containers. For example, fill a chest of drawers with linens, or dump all the kids’ toys in empty suitcases and luggage. This way, you lessen the number of packing boxes you need and you compress the load that you and the movers need to haul.
Early preparation, strategic packing and use of all available storage space can help you pack and move fast. Follow these five practical tips to make packing and moving day easier for you.

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